Finding an Indian Wedding Band

There is no doubt that the choice of the music can make or break a wedding. As well as the venue, music is considered the heart of any reception and can make your guests leave a happy lot or disgusted. The task of finding one of the best indian wedding bands for your ceremony is a daunting one, for example if you choose  a indian themed wedding venue and it requires you to poll friends, check online, and decide quickly on the best talent well in advance. You will need to consider numerous factors, including the demographics of your guests, the available finances, space and the type of ceremony (whether traditional or contemporary). Therefore, keep an open mind and take into account these factors as you embark on your search for your wedding band.

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Work with Entertainment Agencies

You search may also be made easier by contacting entertainment agencies to help you decide the type of music you would like to play. Entertainment agencies can help you to sample various bands by showcasing some of the music they played in the ceremony they grazed. Make sure to hire a group of musicians based not on the gender, but choose someone whose voice drove your feeling.

When Should You Start Your Search?

Start your hunt at least six months before the actual date of your wedding. You will need to decide which tone will be the best for your particular reception you want to have. If you are planning something traditional, then inviting a contemporary band with at least one or two vocalists will work for you. The word of mouth can help you find the right band for your wedding ceremony. You can find such information from people who have had a wedding before, including wedding planners, florists, and photographers.

Things to consider when hiring

True, music is what sets the rhythm of any wedding, so you want to give it a special attention as the date approaches. There are certain rules of thumb that you need to follow as you hunt for that perfect band.


Don't stay comfortable with your 10-piece salsa before you find out whether the reception area has enough space to accommodate the number of players and the equipment you intent to bring in. It is important to check if there are electrical power supply and sufficient plug-ins.

Band Size

When considering the size of the band to graze your wedding, several things must be taken into account among them are the budget and the available space of the venue. Even if you have the financial muscle to hire twenty players, you will need to consider the available room. As a general rule, a properly constituted band should consist of about 6-10 players, including the rhythm, a horn section and a non-instrumental team (also called the vocalists). Although you may have more vocalists, a dedicated team of 2-3 vocalists could work for you.

Before You Sign Any Bands

Know that your band should be prepared to address your interests. Prepare a list of the things that you would like, including a list of songs they must play or not play during the ceremony. This will help you make your wedding an event that you will not only love, but also make your guests feel entertained and happy.