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Entertainment available in Manchester for a great weekend break

Manchester is an entertaining place. We mean that literally, not figuratively. It is a city that makes a point of offering a number of explosive entertainment options, which is why it is now an established destination for travelers looking for fun.

The heart of entertainment in Manchester is musical. Along with the university and football, music is Manchester’s calling card. It is hard to walk down any of the major streets without encountering numerous pubs and clubs that regularly host live musical performances.

Manchester has produced more than its fair share of musical stars and countless other bands honed their skills on the city’s club circuit. Today, you can visit Manchester to see big-name touring acts, new bands in the ascendancy and local talent that may develop into the “next big thing.”

The musical genres on display are as varied as the venues in which they are played. From pop to jazz to blues to R&B to the latest in rock and roll, entertainment in Manchester is decidedly musical in nature.

That is true whether you are inches away from a bass drum in one of the smaller clubs or if you are enjoying well-known hit tunes from a major touring act in one of the larger venues. Manchester is a musical epicenter and even the most discerning critic will find plenty to love.

You cannot live on music alone, though. Luckily, entertainment in Manchester is a full-featured affair. The city offers a slew of great restaurants, embracing food of all types and ethnicities. If you need a quick takeaway fish and chips feast, you have countless options. If you want traditional British fare, you have scores of restaurants at your disposal. You can check out an Argentine steakhouse, a Cuban joint hidden atop a pub or some of the best Lebanese food outside of Lebanon. It does not matter what you like. Manchester has it.

Once you have refueled, you can check out other elements of entertainment in Manchester. There is the hyperkinetic gay club scene along Canal Street. There are countless pubs featuring homemade brews and great company. There are “shake it all night long” dance clubs that rival anything you will find in the largest of cities. Manchester knows how to party!

Entertainment in Manchester includes some of the best live music in the world, great restaurants, outstanding pubs, and a great club scene. If you are looking for a city that knows how to have a good time, Manchester definitely measures up. It may not be the first place one thinks of when looking for a place with a high-energy nightlife, but it certainly should be. There is never a shortage of ways for one to enjoy himself or herself in Manchester!

Enjoying Manchester is as simple as choosing from the many Manchester Hotels on offer. Most of the nightlife is in the city center so a good choice may be a Manchester city center hotel.

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