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Entertainment: Saving money while having fun!

The holidays are just around the corner and it seems that many folks end up spending more dollars in entertainment this time of year. So we wanted to give you some tips on entertainment cost cutting. The most important tip is to have a monthly budgeted amount. If you spend with out a cap in mind (budgeted amount) you without over spend. Other ways to cut on entertainment are:

When restaurant chains offer the buy “x” amount in gift certificates and get a $5 or $10 one free…Do it! Especially if it is a restaurant you frequent often. Each holiday season we buy certificates for gifts or for ourselves and get the free gift certificates. Instead of meeting for lunch or dinner meet earlier for coffee, or later for desert. This could be a minimum of a $10 savings. Entertain in groups, don’t meet 3 or 4 times with individual friends of family members, have group lunch or dinner. The fewer number of times you go out…the less you’ll spend. Utilize the early bird specials, going earlier can save you from 15% and more. Entertain at home, have everyone bring a dish this could result in a savings of hundreds of dollars for the season. Take advantage of the FREE concerts and shows offered in your area by schools, park districts, groups, etc. Use the “Entertainment” coupon book in your area, go to entertainment.com and see if the value is there for you. Meet during “Happy Hour” when they typically serve free food.

These are just a few ideas that could add up to hundreds of dollars in savings for you and still allow you to catch up with friends and family. Don’t forget www.restaurant.com, where you can by gift certificates at a discounted rate to the restaurants of your choosing; this is also a great gift idea. Remember that most important is setting an entertainment budget, without one your holidays will come back to haunt you in the New Year.

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